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Market intelligence on intellectual property solutions

By IP spécialists for IP specialists and R&D Management
patent and trademark search and other trends
Our Story

After many years in the field of intellectual property, 
our consultants have acquired a global vision of the different segments existing in this sector.  It is a complex and constantly evolving one. 

Our Vision

We provide comprehensive advice in the full value chain of Intellectual Property, from patent search and trademark search to patent preparation and filing. A patent is an exclusive right granted to an inventor for a certain period of time, which provides legal protection for the invention and prevents others from copying it. Through the patent process, inventors can protect their investment in creating a new product or process and benefit from their invention.


The knowledge comes from a mix of technology, databases, human knowledge and traditional market analysis. We feed a set of internal platforms to improve interaction within the ecosystem. 

Who are we

How it works

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Our Full Report

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the top IP software and services providers in 2022.


It includes detailed information on their features, services, and market standard pricing, as well as customer reviews and ratings. The report also includes a detailed analysis of the key trends and market forces that are driving the growth of the industry.


This report is essential for business owners, consultants, and industry experts who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in this rapidly evolving market.



Our consultants are available to provide paid consulting services, to help you get the most out of the data in this report. Our consultants can provide personalized advice, tailored to your current situation, to help you make the best decisions for your business. They can also discuss the different options available in the market and help you identify the most suitable IP software and services provider for your needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of the data in this report.

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How it works
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"An accurate and reliable view of the IP sector"

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